The starlet Mahira Khan is facing the wrath of the internet all over again as another video of Mahira is leaked in which she can be seen smoking a cigarette.

She became the center of attention on social media last year as well when she was caught sharing a smoke with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.

What people need to understand is that she owns nothing to Pakistanis beyond her hard work as an artist.

Despite having zillions of social problems in Pakistan, the internet is all after the actress Mahira Khan. She was smoking a cigarette to take a break, an act that many Pakistani men do in every corner of this country without any fuss or becoming a national meme.

Despite her immense efforts in creating a positive image of Pakistan on various international forums, she is facing hatred from the people of her own country and for no good reason!

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But luckily there are some people who are on the other side of the fence and show support to Mahira as they rightly understand that smoking is her personal choice and she is not affecting any other person through her act.

Look at some Tweets of the people who are showing support to Mahira Khan:

It’s hard to comprehend the fact that why it is socially acceptable for a man to smoke but it becomes a national crises when a woman smokes! If it is wrong then it is wrong for everyone, right?

The amount of hatred against the actress is not justified at all. It is so depressing that people are ignoring her hard work, efforts and dedication towards her work and all they can comment on is her personal life and choices!

Being a public figure does not mean that the person is a public property. The internet needs to understand that it is her personal choice to smoke or not. It is necessary that we focus on ourselves first and make ourselves better instead of judging other people.

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