hania aamir
Image Source: Instagram

Hania Aamir is that personality who has beauty, talent and she knows the secret of life (not giving too much attention to trolls). The Internet has recently found her doppelganger and the resemblance between the two is uncanny. Netizens are going as far as calling the two, twins.

Doppelgangers in the world

People say that every person has six doppelgangers; seven look-alikes exist in the world. Of course, these look-alikes are not each other’s replica. While people not close to us may not see the differences, our loved ones would certainly be able to tell the differences. Yet it is always strange and interesting when you encounter a similar face. This is why, whenever any celebrity’s doppelganger emerges, we get excited, even though these encounters are just increasing every day. If this track record persists, we are sure to come across all 1 billion faces and their six look-alikes.

Hania Aamir Look-Alike

Coming back to Hania Aamir’s recent doppelganger. The discovery was made when an Instagram post went viral. A girl name Rabia got married. The instants from that event immediately caught attention for the bride was crazy similar to Hania.

Hania Aamir joined the industry and her talent led to her being cast as the lead almost immediately. One of those projects included Phir Wohi Mohabbat. She played the innocent-looking bubby girl. Almost three years later, she played Romaisa aka Rumi in Ishqiya. The role was of a bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl. Hania still looked her innocent self. That trait aside from the features were also caught in these pictures.

Of course, it could be the camera angle and all her shadi preps. But my goodness, she does look like her twin. What I want to know is, for the past four-five years that Hania entered the industry, how many times did Rabia get the, “You look so much like Hania?”


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