Pakistanis do not often get to explore their potential when it comes to sports, especially women.

The issue lies in both, lack of resources and lack of a proper system.

Often football and table tennis players in Pakistan are seen complaining about the same,  as only Cricket seems to get the attention of the authorities.

However, there is a good news for young Pakistanis interested in the sport of shooting:

A Shooting Championship will soon be held in Muhammad Ali Jinnah with the aim to attract competitive shooters from across Pakistan and is even open to women and international participants.

This initiative is being encouraged by Corps Commander Lieutenant-General Syed Muhammad Adnan, who is an ardent sport shooter himself.

For the first time ever in Pakistan, the participants will be able to compete in extreme long-range shooting – ranges of up to 1,500 meters.

Shooting is globally considered an efficient way to improve mental discipline, imbue them sense of responsibility, and teamwork in youngsters. Moreover, it is a great sport for posture, stamina, and muscle strength.

This event will create a healthy, encouraging environment for enthusiasts of this sport in Pakistan. Winners of the competition will be awarded medals and trophies while the highest honor will be the Cholistan Cup, reserved for the tactical rifle match.

If you love shooting, prepare to register and prove your mettle at the championship!

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