The blazing chemistry between the celebrity pair, Hania Aamir and Danyal Zafar is quite apparent on social media!

Everyone is eager to know what is their relationship status after all!

Are they friends or more than friends? Well, we answered the question!

We recently told the world that Hania and Danyal do share a bond, the bond of being besties!

The same beautiful bond Hania shares with Sabeena Syed and Danyal with Momina Mustehsan.

Daniyal Zafar Friend zoned by Hania Aamir & He Isn’t Happy About It!

When we shared the truth with the world, Hania shared our template on her Instagram Stories, but, she didn’t know that she had kickstarted an Insta war with our awesome social media team!

Hania Amir Shared Our Template!

FYI, in our defense, that’s how Wikipedia and all the other new channels and publications in Pakistan have spelled your name!

At least we didn’t call you Haania Ameer, or Hanif Amir or worse… right?

So, we Decided to Give her a Reply!

Bestie Danyal Zafar also joined in on the Fun!

We Decided to share a Slice of Cake with him too!

All the while, Hania was having a Blast!

Just to clear everything, we at Brandsyanrio LOVE Hania Aamir! She is one of the cutest, fun, and down to Earth actress we have met, and we have a special bond with her!

Jokes apart, we also appreciate Danyal for making his own name in the industry and congratulate him for his Coke Studio debut, which is simply amazing!

We wish the two a very successful career ahead and hope they get the best from life.

With lots of love, Brandsynario!