Are you stuck in a boring cubicle at your dull looking office? Well there are offices across the world that have an uber-chic working space and facilities like in-house resting areas, free gourmet food, arcade room, parties, and retreats.

We couldn’t believe it either but you’d be astonished to see the inside life Google employees enjoy! There are various offices across the world and each one is spectacularly built with the best facilities any employee would die to have!

Here are the Top Google Offices in the World that will give you serious Work Place Goals!

  1. Dublin

Wouldn’t you love to relax at your workplace like these Google employees?

2. Paris

A shiny red Citroen 2CV car inside their office! OMG!

3. Newyork

Spending your lunch break in this picturesque garden seems like a dream!

4. Chicago

Google employees at the Chicago office can just chill and relax at the retreat centre.

5. London, United Kingdom

Is this really an office?!

6. Venice Beach

Imagine having this pair of humongous binoculars as your office entrance!

7. Zurich, Switzerland

8. Ontario, Canada

9. Toronto, Canada

10. Brussels

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