Infinix today announced the release of the 260W All-Round Fast Charger and the 110W Wireless All-Round Fast Charger, in addition to its disruptive “All-Round FastCharge” solution, which provides users with flexible, safe, and smart fast charging experiences in all settings. The 260W All-Round FastCharger can charge a phone to 25% in 1 minute and 1-100% in 7.5 minutes [1]. The 110W Wireless All-Round Rapid Charger, on the other hand, can charge a device to 100% in 16 minutes [2]. Its breakthrough All-Round Quick Charge technology can match all types of consumers’ charging needs while also relieving charge anxiety in the 4G/5G era, where power consumption has never been higher.

260W All-Round FastCharge

“Infinix has always been at the forefront of developing fast charging technologies that meet the evolving needs of our customers. We always prioritize the overall charging experience while leading the development of fast charge technologies, including our previous industry-leading technologies, the 160W Fast Charge and 180W Thunder Charge. Building on this, we are excited to introduce the 260W & 110W-Wireless All-Round Fast Charge technology and All-Round FastCharge solution, which sets a new benchmark for fast charging” – Liang Zhang, Deputy General Manager at Infinix.

The charger uses riple GaN material PFC + AHB circuit architecture with high power density, small size, more intelligent and safe charging regulation, and a broader range of chargeable items. The charging cable incorporates an Emarker identification chip, as well as a redesigned interface structure design. This cable can transport up to 13A[5] of current and, when combined with Infinix’s unique fast charging protocol, allows for 260W high-power extreme fast charging.

110W Wireless All-Round FastCharge

Infinix’s innovative 110W Wireless All-Round FastCharge technology can charge a phone completely in as little as 16 minutes [6]. Infinix overcomes traditional architectural limitations, reduces coil internal resistance, lowers phone temperature rise, increases peak power charging time, and improves wireless charging efficiency by using custom-made small-sensitive coils with fewer coils than traditional designs and wider coils in the same space.

The 110W wireless charger is created to order and has a twin coil design that allows for both vertical and horizontal charging. A fan at the base of the charge station provides silent air conditioning, which enhances heat dissipation efficiency in generally hot places.

Infinix’s All-Round FastCharge Solution

Infinix has created a revolutionary charging solution dubbed All-Round FastCharge that elevates charging technology to new heights. The company’s long-term strategy focuses not just on speed, but also on providing a fast, flexible, smart, and safe charging experience. Consumers can charge their gadgets in a variety of ways, wherever they are in the world, without being linked to a power source, thanks to this solution. The goal is to provide consumers with an easy-to-use charging experience that satisfies all of their needs.

Infinix’s first generation All-Round FastCharge solution is packed with features to provide consumers with an all-around charging experience that is quick, flexible, smart, and safe. The solution supports both wired and wireless fast charging, as well as reverse and bypass charging and multi-protocol charging. Users can enjoy a superior charging experience on the road with wired and wireless dual fast charging. Users can also use the reverse charging function to turn their phone into a portable charger. Infinix supports a variety of fast charging protocols, including PD 3.0, and provides intelligent charging and monitoring features such as night charging and bypass charging to extend battery life and reduce heat. Infinix’s solution incorporates around 140+ protection mechanisms and 20+ temperature sensors to ensure safety.

With Infinix’s forthcoming NOTE series, users will be able to experience All-Round FastCharge. Infinix continues to push the frontiers of cell phone charging via innovation and a commitment on providing a high-quality user experience, giving even faster and safer fast-charge options to consumers globally.