Karachi – 1st Sep, 2023: Pakistan’s highest selling smartphone brand; Infinix today participated in ITCN Asia 203 highlighting onto its commitment to contribute for Pakistan’s journey towards technological self-reliance. Newest technological advancements such as wireless charging in NOTE 30 Pro series were also showcased ITCN Asia 2023 in collaboration with Innovi Technologies. Infinix’s “Made in Pakistan” narrative exemplifies its dedication to local production and the advancement of the burgeoning tech ecosystem in the country.

By choosing to manufacture its innovative products within Pakistan, Infinix not only fuels economic growth but also establishes job opportunities for the skilled workforce. The company’s investment in local manufacturing facilities has streamlined its supply chain and facilitated the transfer of technological expertise, leading to the upskilling of the local workforce. This strategic move is aligned with the government’s vision of promoting the “Digital Pakistan” initiative, positioning the nation as a significant contributor to technology’s global development.

“Infinix is committed to enriching the lives of Pakistanis by providing them access to cutting-edge technology that was once only available in global markets,” said Saad Shams, Head of Marketing, Pakistan “Our presence at ITCN Asia 2023 underlines our dedication to bringing top-tier solutions to Pakistan’s tech landscape. The introduction of the NOTE 30 Pro Series & HOT 30, featuring Pakistan’s First All Round Fast Charge series and a Powerful gaming phone, showcases our relentless pursuit of innovation.”

Infinix’s participation in ITCN Asia 2023 goes beyond product exhibition; it symbolizes the company’s embrace of innovation and collaboration that define Pakistan’s tech industry. The company’s “Made in Pakistan” narrative not only underscores its investment in the country’s growth but also reinforces its commitment to enriching lives through advanced technology solutions.

As Infinix continues to spearhead advancements in the technological landscape, its participation in ITCN Asia 2023 is a testament to its dedication to creating opportunities for Pakistan’s youth, fostering economic growth, and empowering citizens to remain at the forefront of the digital age.