Indus Hospital and Health Network Galvinizes Forces for Relief, Rehabilitation

The torrential monsoon rains in the country have pushed Pakistan into the middle of a catastrophic situation. A large part of the country has drowned with over a thousand people dead, more than 1,500 injured and over thirty three million affected and dislocated due to the flood.

The lives of those who have survived this national calamity are at stake due to various external and internal threats. People in the flood effected areas have developed severe illnesses, including diarrhea, skin infections, urinary tract infections (UTI), acute respiratory infections (ART) and gastroenteritis. Therefore, the need for medical care and assistance is imperative at this point.

Amidst these critical times, Indus Hospital & Health Network has galvanized its forces for the relief and rehabilitation operations for the flood affectees. Fully functional mobile medical units with medicines, doctors, nurses and other professional healthcare staff have reached out to people in the most affected areas. Medical Camps have been set up in various districts of Sindh, South Punjab, Balochistan and KPK. Indus Hospital and Health Network’s goal is to cater to the medical needs of all flood affectees across Pakistan in the flood hit areas.

Epidemiologist warn that in the upcoming weeks there could possibly be a few outbreaks of Malaria, Dengue, Cholera Hence, provision of curative and preventive healthcare is very important as of now to avert further epidemics and public health disasters.  Indus Hospital and Health Network is working towards prevention and treatment of various communicable diseases including Malaria, Typhoid and Dengue.

Additionally, Indus Hospital and Health Network has partnered with Karachi Relief Trust for provision of  food and ration drives to address malnutrition issues faced by the majority of the affected population. In addition to this, Critical Kits including tents, sheets, sanitary napkins, medical supplies, mosquito repellants, towels, soaps and many other daily use items are being distributed amongst the flood affectees by Indus Hospital and Health Network.

Indus Hospital & Health Network is a trusted name that has been serving the people of Pakistan for the past 15 years. Indus had been actively involved in helping the nation during the Covid-19 Pandemic and with this flood relief initiative, they promise to stand beside our people once more.

Let Indus Hospital be an inspiration for us, let’s come together and donate as much as we can. Remember that every person who is suffering is a fellow Pakistani. Save your fellow Pakistanis to save Pakistan.

Dr.Abdul Bari Khan
CEO Indus Hospital & Health Network

Dr Mah Talat
Executive Director, Community Health Directorate, IHHN