out of commute, bykea is most reasonable or indrive
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There are quite a few ride-hailing services present in Karachi, including InDrive, Careem and Bykea. Some have been in operation since quite a while now, whereas, others are newer, with more options to select from. For many people who are looking for a private transport alternate to owning a car, these platforms provide a good medium. No matter which part of the city you live in, you can always call a car or a bike to your doorstep and travel anywhere else in the city.

However, like every other service, these come with a cost and at times, the prices can surge high. During such a time, Careem can often be seen with higher than usual rates that a lot of people do not wish to make use of. If you are looking for a ride in traffic or during rush hour, you might come across rates that are 1.5 times the regular one. At one time, Careem even used to show 3 times the rate. The Rs.500/- commute would become Rs.1500/- in minutes.

indrive and other commute apps for people
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Is Bykea Cheaper Or InDrive

The dynamic pricing technique of Careem is what makes it unpopular among many people now. It was the ruling entity when it was the only service in the city. However, now we have InDrive and Bykea both. When Bykea was first introduced to the public, it only had the service of motorcycles, and the user interface was hard to gauge for many people. The presence of Urdu on the platform even made it confusing for many people because it was written in a difficult font.

However, when InDrive was launched, it came out with a static pricing model which let the customers and drivers negotiate on a fixed fare and it would not change, irrespective of traffic. This made the application quite popular. Pretty soon, Bykea also adopted this fixed price model and it introduced the ability to order cars and bikes both. Thus, due to the credibility of the company, Bykea continued to soar high.

Bykea and other commuting apps like InDrive
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Bykea or InDrive?

While a lot of people prefer to use InDrive because of how easy it is to navigate, there are some areas where Bykea must be given the upper hand too. One of the prime reasons Bykea is preferred by many is due to the active customer support, which caters to the issues of the customers. In InDrive, the customer support is still growing and under development, thus you can expect much less of it in case of any issue.

Which out of these do you find more economical? Let us know in the comments below.

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