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Indonesian TikToker jailed over blasphemy charges.

An Indonesian influencer has been sentenced to two years in prison over blasphemy charges.

The 33-year-old content creator was also slapped with a fine of 250 million rupiah ($16,249.59) after being found guilty of deliberately inciting hatred against religious individuals and specific groups.

Her jail term would be extended by three months if not paid, AFP reported.

In the viral video, Lina Lutfiawati, a popular TikTok influencer with over two million followers, was seen eating pork after reciting Bismillah.

Lutfiawati, who identifies as a Muslim, posted the video in March 2023 while travelling in Bali, Indonesia’s tourist hotspot with a predominantly Hindu population.

The stunt sparked massive outrage, ending her up in court in the Indonesian city of Palembang.

The content creator issued a public apology after finding out about the severity of the punishment.

“I know that I am wrong, but I did not expect this punishment,” she stated in an interview.

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