Indian Policemen
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Desperate times call for desperate prayers and requests by Indian policemen. The increase in the number of fatalities due to COVID-19 has taken a massive plunge in India. As hospitals in Delhi and other cities of India run out of beds and oxygen supply.

The prices of medicines and essential supplies have skyrocketed. As a result, people are inclined to turn to the black market to get medicines and oxygen cylinders in a hefty amount.

Indian Policemen Recites 'Bhar De Jholi' By Sabri Brothers
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The labs are overrun, which results in covid reports coming back 3 days later at the earliest, which puts the patients at risk. Several sick patients can not found a bed because they do not have the report to confirm the diagnosis. Last week, India marked a grim milestone in the Covid-19 pandemic on Thursday. The number of reported new cases was 314,835, the highest one-day tally anywhere.

Indian Policemen Ask For Prayers

The healthcare system in India is collapsed, and the views are heartbreaking. Mass cremations, patients waiting on the roadside waiting to get admission in the hospital. The double mutant of the virus has hit India in the second wave so badly that they now resort to prayers and ask their Muslim citizens to do the same. Last week, a video went viral of an Indian police officer where he is seen requesting fellow Muslim citizens to pray for their country.

The Recent Video 

Another video has recently gone viral where we can see an Indian police officer reciting the famous qawwali Bhar Do Jholi by none other than the Sabri brothers. The qawwali was originally written by Poornam Allahabadi, born in 1940 in Allahabad, British India. The Sabri brothers were struggling qawwals back then.

Then they met the writer over a cup of tea and the rest is history. As they say, art has no boundaries. This expression of the policemen shows the importance of how we should step aside from the religious differences in these trying times.

This telling tale of Poornam Allahabadi is a testimony to the sayings of Mevlana Rumi. Which means ‘Get rid of I in Me and keep creating masterpieces.’

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