Indian Media Trolled For Spreading Rumours of #CivilWarInPakistan

Image Source: Youtube

With the recent events in Karachi, from the gathering of PDM, the Pakistan Democratic Movement, to the Sindh Police expressing disagreement against the Pakistan Army, the politics in the country has been busy. But for some reason, India assumed (hoped?) it was a civil war and started reporting it that way. They started using the hashtag #CivilWarInPakistan.

I don’t know about everyone else, but as an office goer in Karachi, wading through the routine traffic of Shahrah e Faisal, I could only wonder, “What Civil War?”

The context of #CivilWarInPakistan

Others probably had the same thought, and thus, right after that, Twitter was raging with memes trolling Indian media for blowing news out of proportion. Now, sure there were many people present in Quaid e Azam mausoleum (Karachi) that day and things got heated. And sure, Sindh Police is not at the best of their relationship with the army. And yes, there was a gas leak in Karachi, but that does not mean there is a civil war. It only happens in Hollywood, dear neighbors.

May the Memes be ever in your favor

But then Pakistani ‘memers’ do not wait for anybody now, do they?

And so they started sharing hilarious clips with captions that make us laugh out loud.

1. Clips from Sindh

Now since the Indian media is saying that Sindh is out of control, Pakistanis are sharing the only possible scenario this can happen.

2. Because COVID is still a reality

Civil war or not, if Bane is following SOPs, so should everyone else. And apparently, he is on the Pakistan army’s side.

3. More evidence of civil war

Another tweet says that the possible images of civil war look like these. It does make us wonder, who is Bhai fighting with and with whom is Rambo is siding.

4. Places under attack during #CivilWarInPakistan

The secret is out now, Hogwarts’ correct location was indeed, Karachi. And Indian media was the first one to let the public know. Will the ‘Ministry of Magic’ be in touch with them? Only time will tell.

5. Captain Amir Liaquat has also joined #CivilWarInPakistan

If you are looking for Physics lessons, do consult him because this is some serious Applied Physics.

But these cute meme wars between India and Pakistan are always the best drama on Twitter. And these will never stop. They keep changing faces. Sometimes they are in the form of Surgical Strike, Abhinandan, Major Adnan Sami, or sometimes it is in the form of the trending hashtag #CivilWarInPakistan.

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