Indian Girl Makes A Beautiful Sketch Of Wahaj Ali – Wins Hearts!

Wahaj Ali has now been the latest heartthrob of Pakistan for quite some time. He has always had girls swoon over him but after Tere Bin his fanbases have increased massively overnight. He has been considered the most handsome actor in the Pakistani film and television industry.

Now his fame is obviously known to everyone. His fans are globally spread with Indian fans being at second in his list of fandoms. Simultaneously an Indian fangirl sketched Wahaj Ali in hopes that he will notice her. Here have a look at the video.

Manisha Manoj Prajapati, the Indian girl, who is probably the craziest Indian fan of Wahaj drew a sketch of Wahaj Ali, and no doubt it was a great sketch! She also mentioned how she is an OG Fan of Wahaj and has been following him since his old drama Ishq Jalebi. She even tagged all of Wahaj’s fan accounts and requested that people tag him as much as they can so Wahaj can see his post. Eventually, Wahaj even saw the post and replied to her saying thank you!

Other than Wahaj Ali noticing her, many Pakistani celebrities, fans, and the general public even noticed her. Some commented on how cute she was and some applauded that despite the tense relationship between the two countries the people had nothing but love for each other. The next day Manisha saw this and thanked everyone who made her dream come true.

She even referred to Wahaj Ali’s new character Murtasim in Tere Bin as “Humara Murtasim” which is not literally true but definitely shows the love that Indian audiences have for Pakistani dramas and the actors and actresses. Dramas like Khaani, Mere Humsafar, and Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri have been gaining popularity on both sides of the border which makes it safe to say that Pakistani dramas are being loved all over the world.

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