Last month, an Indian man’s earthquake warning for Pakistan and other Asian states went viral on the internet, creating a wave of fear amongst people.

Now an Indian astrologer, Anirudh Kumar Mishra‏ has sent shock waves and has baffled Pakistani lawmakers by predicting back to back terrorist attacks in the nation.

In October, Kumar tweeted that a terrorist attack will hit Pakistan in November. And shockingly, the attack did happen.

On December 1, a band of terrorists cloaked in “burqas” attacked Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in Peshawar, killing 13 people and injuring over 30 others.

The astrologer later tweeted that the prediction was accurate, but he also acknowledged that he was off by one day.

Next, he made another mind-boggling prophecy by tweeting that as many as 5 terrorist attacks will ht Pakistan until February 2018.

These predictions have caused a furor and panic among Pakistani lawmakers who are now accusing Indian intelligence agencies of being involved in all the attacks.

Apparently, this astrologer also foretold a terror attack in U.S.A & it came true! 

And he was envisioned a much horrible disaster on the global front

Are these real prophecies or just mere guesses by the astrologist, let’s wait and watch!