The tensions between India and Pakistan are still ongoing across the borders. However, this has not caused any issue on the trade front.

As reported by Sputnik international, in order to boost the bilateral trade with Pakistan the Indian government has announced the issue of a multiple-entry visa to Pakistani businessmen. Only those with proven credentials will be issued with this visa.

India’s Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju informed the Parliament on Wednesday,

“Multiple entry business visas of up to three years can be issued to Pakistani nationals of assured financial standing and credentials with visits restricted to maximum 15 places in India excluding restricted and prohibited areas.”

Businessmen of the SAARC countries who are eligible for a multiple-entry business visa for a period of 3 years and more will be issued with a special ‘India Business Card’.

The Minister, Karen Rijiju further added,

“There is no objection to the criteria/guidelines for issuing the business visa and India Business Card to businessmen from Pakistan”

The ‘India Business Card’ has a special logo and is only given to businessmen of high repute.

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