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A microwave is nothing short of a magic tool that can be used in many ways besides just reheating your food. It is a great tool to quickly whip up something delicious and mouthwatering. While saving time it also provides a cost-effective way of cooking method,  the variety of dishes you can create in a microwave may vary from mug cakes to mashed potatoes.

Take a look at our pick from the delicious microwave recipes you can create quickly.

1. Chocolate Mug Cake 

Looking for a quick dessert fix? This chocolate mug cake recipe will have you forget about those midnight hunger pangs in no time. This easy recipe is a perfect option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus and can be served at kids’ parties.

2. Microwave Mug Pizza 

Want pizza without the hassle of baking one? Look no further! The mug pizza recipe might not have bread but it has all the goodness of veggies and cheese. The best part? You can add as much cheese as you like and no one will be able to judge.

3. Cheesy Maggi Bowl

While we all love ourselves cheesy ramen, no one like to spend time cooking noodles. So turn the three-minute maggie recipe into a one-minute quick maggie bowl, with lots of pepper and cheese topping to add an extra kick of spice.

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4. Baked Potato 

We need no reason to eat a potato. Well, have you ever refused fries? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. This baked Potato recipe is the softest potato you might have ever tried. Add seasonings and toppings accordingly and it can serve as a perfect side dish for your dinner parties.

5. Egg Casserole Recipe

Want a quick egg recipe for breakfast and brunches? We present you with this one-of-a-kind egg casserole to help you kick-start your day with lots of nutrients in one dish.

6. Mac & Cheese – Three style

Mac & cheese has to be everyone’s favourite microwave recipe. However, if you are already tired of making it one way try these three different styles to spruce your taste buds.

7. Vanilla Sponge Cake

If you are not a dessert lover but still want something for your evening tea then this easy vanilla sponge cake recipe is the perfect option for your tea parties.

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Let us know which ones have you tried or would love to try! Happy eating!

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