Imtiaz Super Market Pulls Indian Products from Shelves!

Imtiaz Super Market

Imtiaz Super Market has pulled all Indian products from their shelves.

Be it clothes, spices, or any other item. Pakistanis will no longer find labels reading ‘Made in India’ in Imtiaz.

The supermarket shared an entire blog when taking this decision titled as ‘Imtiaz Super Market – The constant supporter and contributor to the cause of Human Rights!’

In the blog, the superstore reads:

Discrimination is when a person is treated differently because of their gender, religion, caste, color or any such factor that is irreplaceable.

This differentiation is often to make the other person feel inferior or bad about themselves in comparison to others who are treated as superiors and the ‘better people’.

The blog further reads:

Imtiaz Super Market and every single person associated with it is against discrimination. From the head office to all the branches throughout the country, all policies and regulations are such that support equal treatment of everyone and considers everyone as nothing but a human who can benefit from us and vice versa.

Imtiaz Super Market is proud to state that since the beginning of this supermarket, it has been nothing but a constant supporter and contributor to the cause of Human Rights and it will continue to do so!

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