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Imran Abbas’ latest hair transformation is stirring controversy (and a whole lot of jokes).

What Has He Done?

If you’ve sat on a dinner table with elders, we can guarantee you’ve heard grandparents lament boys growing out their hair and girls chopping them off. We’re doing away with societal stereotypes for genders and that’s a huge yay.

However, Imran Abbas’ latest hair transformation is still not being received well.

Why is that?

The star put up a video on Instagram recently in which the hair flip vibes are truly immaculate. He’s flaunting his long, sleek and golden locks. We doubt Rapunzel ever had this much flair. Anyhoo, seems like some either for envious of the Abbas’ mane or they simply found it hilarious.

As the comments started pouring in, Imran Abbas turned the comments off!

Imran Abbas’ Hair Transformation


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How To Tell A Celebrity Is Being Criticised

The number 1 tell-tale sign of a celebrity who is being criticised is their Instagram comments being turned off. We’ve all seen what it was like with Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal. However, their case can be argued to be different because for them when it rained, it really poured.

Regardless, Imran Abbas seems not too happy with the reaction that he has received thus the comments are off!


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Twitter Reacts

Some of the people on his profile did not take that as a sign of defeat. They took to other social media platforms to make Imran Abbas the fodder for their humour. Check out what one of them said:

 Apparently, a TikTok star called “Alex Baji” is bearing a lot of resemblance to Imran Abbas over which the star is being mocked. 

The Insta Make-over

Has anyone noticed how Imran Abbas is looking so incredibly different from his usual self in his latest pictures? We can see a hint of editing on the eye-colour and a whole lot of editing on the sculpting of the face. It’s not surprising though because this seems to be the trend overall.


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Whether Imran Abbas is going for the “wolf” look or the “vampire” look, we really can’t tell. The star has some prominent feathers in his hat from which he’s made his name. Let’s not forget his cameo in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil after which each Pakistani boasted about how attractive the men of this country are… yikes!


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