imran abbas mother's feet
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There is truly nothing that escapes the harsh critique of Netizens when it comes to celebrities. Imran Abbas’ emotional and appealing Mothers Day tribute has gone sour for him.

International Mother’s Day

Annually, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. It is the day prior to which a plethora of deals, discounts, and gift ideas are floating on the internet. Many children are scampering to find a gift to spoil their mother and so on.


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Imran Abbas celebrated it differently. Though we don’t know whether he gifted something to his mother or not, he chose to gift himself Jannah by literally kissing his mother’s feet. 

Imran Abbas Gets Real

It is a well-respected belief in Islam that “Jannat is beneath the feet of a mother”. However, one should be cautious to literally interpret it. The idea is that something so unbelievably beautiful and sacred is right below our mother’s feet. It is to show the stature of a mother and emphasise how they are greater than Jannat. Please your mother and you attain Jannat.

However, Imran Abbas interpreted it literally and kissed his mother’s feet on Mother’s day. While there is nothing wrong with the act itself, the problem is with the broadcasting and association.

What’s The Problem?

When Imran Abbas kisses his mother’s feet and associates it with the aforementioned belief, he encourages a literal interpretation. That is problematic also because Muslims are also not allowed to prostrate before anyone else. Only Allah. 

Moreover, netizens are confused and irritated at why he must broadcast it. He can totally express his love for his mother but doing something so personal only for social media is questionable.

Imagine he got done and performed this act only while posing for the perfect photo also… doesn’t it take away the sincerity of the act?

Hear from The Netizens

imran abbas mother's feet
Image Source: Instagram
imran abbas mother's feet
Image Source: Instagram

There’re more where that came from!

imran abbas mother's feet
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Reservations Aside…

The netizens reservations aside, one thing is for sure: the comments could do better. We should not forget this is the month of Ramadan, the last few nights that are abound with blessings. Spreading negativity by bashing someone for a misguided act goes against the spirit of Ramadan.

Sure Imran Abbas actions may have consequences however, everything can be worded better. He could be given the knowledge that ‘this post can suggest something wrong’ which he might take into account. Here’s to hoping everyone had a great Mother’s Day with their families.

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