Iman Aly

There is a common belief some people have that actors and actresses “sell themselves” to become famous in the entertainment industry. This belief comes from the perception that the industry is highly competitive and requires individuals to have certain talents, charisma, and physical attractiveness to be better than others. Some people may view actors and actresses as property assets who are bought and sold based on their marketability.

However, others may argue that this point of view oversimplifies the complexities of the industry and ignores the hard work and dedication that many actors and actresses put into their art. One such actress that usually faces such rumors is Iman Ali. People believe she is popular because of her looks rather than her acting skills.

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Recently, Iman appeared in a YouTube interview with Momin Saqib where she talked about this same perception. Here is the interview for you to watch.

When the interviewer Momin Saqib asked her, “Why do you hate social media so much?”, she straight-up said she finds it discourteous and thinks that people who post their own pictures are basically selling themselves out. She thinks it’s a cheap tactic that lacks the true star attitude. It’s like, if you’re a real celebrity, you shouldn’t have to resort to posting your own pics to get attention, right?

Iman Ali spoke out against the trend of posting personal photos on social media, stating that it can be particularly harmful to young people who are still developing their sense of identity and self-worth. She expressed concerns about the negative impact of social media on mental health, as constant comparisons with others can lead to feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

She disagrees with the trend of posting one’s own photos and prefers the paparazzi culture, which she believes makes one feel more like a star. Although her views have sparked a heated debate, it has brought attention to the negative effects of social media, especially on young people.

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