Daaghon ka Champion
Image Source: Crictracker.com

Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars are in the ground fighting for the title of the best Biryani! (Well, we all know whose Biryani is actually Biryani and whose is actually Pulao). So, not Biryani, rather PSL winner, but same difference, no? And amidst this fight, the ultimate Daaghon ka champion, Surf Excel, is the proud partner of FIRST TIME PSL FINALIST KARACHI KINGS.

Clash no. 1: PSL 2020

Today is the final clash of PSL 2020, which will determine the ultimate victor of PSL. Whoever wins this match will be the first time winner because, in the short history of PSL, Peshawar, Quetta, and Islamabad have been exchanging the winning title. While National Stadium Karachi will be determining who wins the match, Surf Excel will be determining another victor, the Daagho ka Champion.

Clash no. 2: Daaghon Ka Champion

Earlier today, three star players of Karachi Kings, Imad Wasim, Mohammad Amir, and Iftikhar Ahmed, challenged each other on social media. They vouched for Surf Excel’s Daaghon ka champion claim, and alongside. They announced that in the match, they would be contesting for the Daaghon ka champion title. For this clash, whoever stains their shirt the most, will be the true Daaghon ka Champion.

Now, to win this particular title, Imad, Amir, and Iftikhar will have to give quite a performance. We, for one, are definitely looking forward to those dives as you catch out the Pulao makers. The more catch outs there are, the more interesting both clashes will be. So, make those dives, be sure to stop their fours while you are bowling, and ‘run Kings run’ when you are batting.

And agar champion bannay main Daagh lag jaen, tow Daaghon ka Champion tow Surf Excel hai!

Be it the Biryani-Pulao contest, PSL winner title, or the Daagho Ka champion title, this match is bound to be the most nerve-wreaking of all matches in all the history of the Pakistan Super League championship. So, hang on tight, prepare the popcorn (or not) because this just might be a very bumpy yet exciting ride.

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