Iffat Omar
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In a world where the horrific and heart-wrenching news of the rape of a child has left everyone disoriented, some whose insensitivity exceeds them. Meet Iffat Omer for one!

A Show That’s Nose Diving

Iffat Omer has dabbled into hosting with her new shoes, ‘Say It All’ with Iffat Omar. The show is also sponsored by Hanif Jewellers and has had some renowned guests on its seat. However, the problem with the host is becoming more and more visible by the day.

Initially, she supported Noman Ijaz and his ridiculous confession about infidelity. Then, she very confidently joked about secretly hugging a man twice her age. Now, she has used the recent rape incidents in Pakistan as fodder for humor. Is there any stopping to the waste that this show is merely churning out?

Is This Insensitivity or Are We Desensitized?

Insensitivity refers to the idea that you downplay something’s impact, and you’re crass about it. The latter happens when you have seen something so much that a new occurrence does not impact you as much as the first did. 

For instance, living in Pakistan, we all are desensitized towards bombing. How many of us felt disoriented for days after the Lebanon explosion?

So when Iffat Omar calls Yasra Rizvi on her show and hears her guests’ feminist remarks, she agrees. However, when she has a misogynistic man on her show, she laughs along. She calls to end rape culture on her social media, yet she laughs about the very culture that has claimed levis of innocent girls, boys, and even animals.

Here’s The Video:

Nida Yasir has also landed in hot waters because of something similar. A few days after the news of Marwah came to light, she invited the parents to her show for a week straight. In that entire week, she wanted them to recount everything that happened to Marwah.

Imagine, these are the parents of a little girl who was raped and then brutally murdered. They haven’t had time to grieve or see their child yet, and you want to make them puppets for the television. Marwah’s mother had a breakdown on the show, too, which shows the extent to which they were bugged.

It is astounding that hosts today are simply that— hosts. They can not think outside of their job to consider emotions or political correctness. Just for ratings, Nida Yasir tormented the parents, and only for a few laughs, Iffat Omer very casually joked about rape.

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