Iffat Omar's Insensitive Comment Over Bollywood Actress's Death Goes Viral
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Art needs no borders, and we are reminded time and again about the amount of talent that needs to be appreciated in India and Pakistan. The news of Surekha Sikri’s demise was just announced, and people from both bthe countries are sharing their deep condolences on social media. However, one comment in particular left by Iffat Omar has caught severe heat from the netizens across the borders.

Surekha Sikri’s Demise 

Elle India took to Instagram to announce the demise of the veteran Indian actress, Surekha Sikri. The actress passed away at the age of 75 after suffering a cardiac arrest and she had also suffered two-stroke episodes in the last three years. Surekha Sikri was one of the most prominent names in the Indian cinema and Tv industry, and her death has left people in despair.

Iffat Omar’s Comment 

Iffat Omar, a veteran Pakistani actress, also commented on the post. However, her comment seemed somewhat problematic, and people from across the border are calling her out for insensitive behavior.

Here is the comment by Omar;

Image source: instagram.com

Iffat Omer’s comment ignites a spark and has left people infuriated.

Iffat Omar's Insensitive Comment Over Bollywood Actress's Death Goes Viral
Image source: instagram.com

While the majority called her out, a few mentioned how this could be a misunderstanding, and the actress might have shared a comment without reading the caption.

Image source: instagram.com

Irresponsibility Or Misunderstanding?

While the celebrities are mindful of the consequences before posting such a comment on a platform, it seems like the comment was posted with only good intentions. However, we can give her the benefit of the doubt.

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