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Somehow educational institutes always were called haunted. We would get the explanation: oh, but that’s because they were made on graveyards. Now, graveyard or not, we would be scared like anything, but we also like to hear all those stories and get to the root of whether the ghost is on that ancient-looking tree or that room in the basement. So we decided to approach universities and find out about the most haunted stories.

Today, we will be sharing all the stories that IBA students contributed.

1. The whisperer

So this IBA student mentioned her summer story. She went to the campus located in Sadar. Since it was Summers, the campus was not crowded. So the girl went to the washroom and started washing her hands while reading about a ghost girl at Karachi University. Right then, she started hearing someone whispering. The moment she noticed it, the washroom door swung open and closed with a bang. She ran away with all her might.

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2. The Girls Mosque

The placement of the girls’ mosque in the city campus is interesting, at least for students from the other campus. So this student from the main campus shares that once she reached the prayer room after being lost in the maze of corridors. When she reached the prayer room, no one was there. She started praying. And suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she sees a woman praying two rows ahead of her. When her prayer ended, she saw no one. 2 other girls also felt someone was next to them in the prayer area when they were alone.

3. Who is there… or not there?

Another girl shares how she and her friend ran to their class since they were late. They got to the conference room, opened the door, but no one was there. They assumed that they confused the room and ran to the other conference room. But that was empty too. So they decided to go back to the first room. This time everyone was already there; the teacher had taken the attendance and had started the lecture. The girl was confused because they had left the room only 30 seconds ago…

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4. Nearly Headless Nick

IBA has its personality, nearly headless nick. So a student shared that when he went to the parking of the main campus, he realized that someone was following him. It was nightfall, and the follower was matching the speed and not overtaking him. So he turned to see that maybe its a friend. But guess who it was. You guessed it right. The student ran to his car and never went to the parking alone again.

If you have more haunted stories, do let us know, and we will feature them here.

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