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Institute of Business Administration Karachi (IBA) has launched a Master Science degree that focuses on Data Science, which is all set to commence in a month (August 2020). The degree comprises a total of 4 semesters altogether and 30 credit hours.

The university has enabled the students to work on their thesis while also working on their course work for two years, followed by a Ph.D. program.


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The degree solely focuses on empowering students who do not come from a non-computer science background. The 2 years program that has been designed by the Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS) has facilitated the students by adding foundation level courses that will help them reach the level of understanding of that of a student from a computer science background.

“The advancement in artificial intelligence, communications, and robotics across the globe has led to the high demand of data scientists. Although Pakistan lies at the onset of this development, an increasing need is being felt in the software industry and service sectors like financial institutions, telecommunication organizations, healthcare providers, and multi-nationals to produce a trained workforce,” says the Executive Director, IBA, Dr. S Akbar Zaidi.


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“The program prepares students to extract valuable insights from data, and offers rigorous training to handle problems of big data,” said Dr. Khoja.

The admission for Fall 2020 is currently open. Check out IBA’s official website for more information. After the addition of the 2 year-long data science program, the best business school in the city offers 6 undergraduate programs, 9 graduate programs, and 3 postgraduate programs.

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