Shiraz Uppal

Not just a singer, Shiraz is also a talented songwriter. Shiraz Uppal is a renowned and talented Pakistani composer, musician, and singer. He first gained fame with his iconic song “Tera Tey Mera,” a hit in 2001. Since then, Shiraz has produced numerous hit songs for dramas and films, marking his place in the music industry.

In addition to his work, Shiraz Uppal is also known for producing brilliant songs for Coke Studio. His rendition of “Tu Kuja Man Kuja” has garnered over 200 million views, highlighting his ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience.

Shiraz Uppal Shares Experience With Pakistani Stars

Recently, Shiraz appeared on Ahmed Ali Bhatti’s podcast, Excuse Me. On the podcast, he shared that he avoids the two Pakistani stars, Atif Aslam and Aima Baig. Even though he mentored them. He shared that he helps singers within his capacity.

Shiraz Uppal stated, “I help singers a lot because I know their capability and potential, when you hear a singer’s work, you know his limits, you know the maximum you can extract from him/her. For example, when I let Aima Baig sing Qalaabaz Dil, it was not her tonality, she used to sing western songs, so, I taught her and she picked it up very well. She didn’t know that she could sing these kinds of songs either.”

The composer maintained, “Likewise, initially, Atif Aslam’s voice was very good and melodious but it was expressionless then I taught him how to sing a loving or a sad word and he picked it up well”.

Here’s more of what he said:

Shiraz Uppal remains a strong, driving force in the industry. After incredible compositions and renditions Shiraz is now an unforgettable part of the industry.

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