Pakistani actress, Ushna Shah, has been spilling details of her marriage and her idea of a strong relationship. In one of those interviews, she also got candid about her first impression of Hamza Amin before he married her.

“Hamza and I initially connected over the phone as he was in Karachi and I was in Lahore at that time. But before that happened, I had been hearing that some hot gora (foreigner) is in town and he’s meeting all the girls,” she revealed in Momin Saqib’s talk show, Had Kar Di.

“After a couple of days of speaking, we were going to meet and I showed his picture to a friend to ask if this is someone she should meet. That’s when I found out that he’s the foreigner I had been hearing out,” the Akhir Kab Tak actor added.

“I genuinely wondered if he was some player.”

The actress also shared Hamza’s version where he told his mother about his intention to marry Ushna the day he first met her.

My version wasn’t as romantic as I simply thought to myself, “he’s so hot and tall.”

Indian director, Anurag Kashyap, has already made headlines plenty of times for introducing the couple to each other. The Gang of Wasseypur director linked the two via phone.

She also spoke of what makes a strong relationship, “no phone codes” being one of them.

The Habs actor confessed that she knew her husband, Hamza, was the one when he put in her face ID on his phone without her even asking him to do that. Ushna added that he did not ask her to do the same for him, but she did, anyway.

Ushna Shahs tied the knot with golfer, Hamza Amin, on 27 February, 2023, among close friends and stars from the entertainment industry.

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