Pakistani-Zimbabwean model and host, Mathira, has always intrigued her audience with her unapologetic approach to storytelling. Recently, the internet sensation drew the line on a topic that is very personal to her: her former relationships.

In a recent interview with actor-turned-host Ahmed Ali Butt, Mathira touched upon spirituality, controversies, depression, feminism, childhood and her initial ventures as a host.

During this candid conversation, Mathira also shared her experience of embracing motherhood at the age of 16 and expressed her gratitude to all those who abandoned her.

“I wouldn’t have become the person I am today if those doors hadn’t been closed on me,” she added.

Amid the conversation, Ahmed Ali Butt broached the topic of Mathira’s divorce, but the actor gracefully declined to provide details. “I don’t like discussing relationships that are in the past,” the actress said during her appearance on ‘Excuse Me with Ahmed Ali Butt.’

However, she didn’t hesitate to share about everything else in between.

She openly discussed how her childhood seemed to pass by too quickly, “My childhood felt as though it ended almost as soon as it began,” acknowledging that her parents divorce also played a key role in it.

“At some point, I found myself wondering where my childhood went,” she added.

The 31-year-old actress welcomed another son in 2014 after her marriage to singer Farran J Mirza in 2012.

Who is responsible for the controversies?

Mathira, often reduced to a controversial figure, suggested that it’s not her but rather the people who manufacture these controversies.

“Instead of saying they ‘think’ she is a certain way, they simply state that ‘she really is’ that certain way,” Mathira observed, emphasising the role of public perception in constructing her identity.

Mathira also spoke of her debut as a yoga instructor on a program and how it led to it being misinterpreted as Kamasutra poses, a misconception that lingered among the audience.

“My first appearance on television was as a yoga instructor on a show but people mistook it for kamasutra poses as I was doing it in a sports bra,” Mathira added.

Mathira also explained the controversy surrounding her association with controversial contraceptive brands, expressing gratitude that, in some way, these associations have opened up dialogues, even if they are often in jest.

She recounted an incident from her advertising career in which she was requested to reduce her bust size for a kitchen brand commercial, assuming that she must have had breast implants to look that way.

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