Nadia Khan recently appeared on the morning show of Nida Yasir. The actress, long-time host, and vlogger shared her thoughts on dealing with life and the people who have done bad to you.

Nadia Khan On ‘Strength’

While discussing the topic of strength and resilience, the actress shared how her father has been a fighter and she adapted that quality from him as he was the one who supported her through the tough times more than her mother.

Nadia, while talking about being a fighter and facing difficulties, mentioned that she has always been the kind of person to face things with her head held high.

‘If you have a strong parent in your upbringing then you learn a lot and in my case, it was my father. My mother was very simple. So I kind of learned this thing from him.’

‘I have always been a fighter, I face things patiently but don’t just leave the matter. I don’t forgive and I don’t forget.’ She added.

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Further adding to the discussion, the actress mentioned that one should always be strong enough to fight and let the wrongdoers face Karma rather than leaving the matter.

‘Either you get a chance to see them paying for their wrongdoings or you have an active role in them paying for what they have done to you. I don’t understand the concept of just letting someone go if they have done wrong to you.’ She said.

For a detailed insight into her interview, check out the complete episode of the morning show below.

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