Stunning actress Mahira Khan reminisced about her wedding pictures, in a recent interview with a digital magazine. These photos took social media by storm last October when news of her marriage to Salim Karim surfaced. Surprisingly enough, Mahira revealed that those photos were snapped “just by chance.” 

“I didn’t know that wedding photographers take pictures before the nikkah,” the “Humsafar” star shared.

She explained that she wanted her husband-to-be to see her after they signed their nikkah papers, not before.

“When the moment arrived, I was on one side, he was on the other, peering through his Sehra, and I had my veil,” Mahira recounted.

“We signed the papers, I approached him, and he saw me for the first time. That’s exactly what I had wanted,” she added.

Mahira Khan’s Wedding Look

In the simplicity of her white dress and a stunning choker set, Mahira looked divine. Her face was glowing and the minimalistic nature of her make-up look emphasized her features. In the midst of the moment, Mahira confessed that she completely forgot about the planned photoshoot. “My team and photographers rushed over because the sun was setting,” she recalled.

Mahira Khan

mahira khan

mahira khan

Khan emphasized that she didn’t want to focus on editorials and poses but rather enjoy her special day to the fullest. As do most brides. She wanted the memorable moments to be captured rather than worry about pictures. Or how they will turn out.

The couple managed to capture some stunning sunset shots just right before the light faded, captivating their special day. This current revelation has shed light on the behind-the-scenes story of Mahira and Salim’s intimate Bhurban wedding. 

Despite the unexpected turn of events, the viral wedding photos beautifully captured the love and joy shared between Mahira Khan and Salim Karim.

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