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Competition lies in every domain. It doesn’t matter which niche it is, progressing ones alongside competition. If there isn’t anyone to challenge your skill, you may not be motivated to polish and improve. Just like that, we have a comparison today between two automobiles. This is between the Proton Saga and Hyundai Elantra. 

While we know of both companies, it is true that one is older than the other. It seems that both of them have come up with impress SUVs. Where the Proton X70 is rising fast in the market, the Hyundai Tucson is dominating too. They have impressive capabilities and immense features, leaving barely any room for compromise. However, today, we are looking at their sedan releases so let us dive into the details of those.

Automobile Comparison in two brands
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Hyundai elantra and it's Comparison
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Hyundai Elantra:

Hyundai Elantra seems like quite an impressive car, with comfortable seatings. It has a 5 person seating capacity with a trunk capacity of 407 litres. Additionally, the fuel tank on it can hold 50 litres. This is more than enough to go long distances on a single go, considering the average on the car is decent. The two engine variants you can expect to get here is either the 2.0 litre one or the 1.6 litre one.

It has a 6 speed automatic transmission, with modes like sports and eco. Additionally, the electric power steering makes driving a whole lot easier on the driver. However, it must be noted that the vehicle does not have an electronic hand brake. Rather, it employs old-school lever one. The current price of Hyundai Elantra is set at Rs.40 Lac. That seems like quite a hefty price tag.

Hyundai and Proton comparison
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Proton Saga:

Now this is one of the fastest growing brands and they have released a sedan. If we talk about transmission, the Proton Saga has quite a lot of variants. These include automatic and manual both. All variants have a set capacity of 1.3 Litres, but the difference is in extra features. The automatic 1.3L Ace differs from the auto 1.3L standard. The manual variants have a 5 speed transmission whereas the automatic ones are a 4 speed CVT one. Here, it also boils down to preference as to which one the driver buys. Some people love automatic, while others prefer shifting.

It has a remote operated trunk alongside a fuel tank that holds 40 litre. The vehicle has a 5 person seating capacity, which means that it’s a vehicle fit for a family. It also has the signature Proton ‘infinite weave grill’, giving it a unique feel. This makes it stand quite apart from the counterparts of other brands. The price of Proton Saga is currently between Rs.20-24 Lac. This seems like quite a reasonable range and one that sticks well to a decent budget.

Proton and Hyundai vehicles
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A Verdict:

While it is quite apparent that the Proton Saga is a good buy for its price, it also boils down to preference. There may be features of Elantra that people want to go for, rather than the Proton Saga. However, it can be seen that both of them are locked hand-in-hand, waiting to emerge victorious.

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