Haval and Corolla Cross comparison
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When it comes to the crossover segment of vehicles in Pakistan, there are quite a few options that come to mind. However, there are two options that are currently standing quite apart than the rest. Yes, we are talking about the Toyota Corolla Cross and the Haval H6 HEV. Both of these vehicles are high-end vehicles in their domains and both of them deserve appreciation for the effort put in them.

Toyota and Haval introduced innovative SUV options in Pakistan’s automotive market when they released these two vehicles. People were taken aback by how much the vehicles were offering in the price. The Toyota Corolla Cross and Haval H6 both belong to the C-category vehicle segment but differ in size and features. Both of them stand their ground but each of them has pros and cons.

Corolla Cross and Haval H6 comparison
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Corolla Cross and Haval H6

The Corolla Cross features a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated hybrid engine, while the Haval H6 boasts a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. Thus, you can see that the Corolla Cross produces more power on account of the bigger engine. Additionally, it also allows for greater road grip, stability and an aggressive design. Both vehicles offer impressive fuel efficiency, delivering around 18 to 19 km/l in the city and even more on highways.

Interior-wise, the H6 offers a more luxurious experience with dual-tone interiors, advanced seat adjustments, and additional infotainment features like wireless charging and a 360-degree camera. In comparison, the Corolla Cross does offer luxury but you might feel that the interior of the vehicle could have been improved. In terms of exterior design, both SUVs showcase distinctive styling elements, with the H6 featuring a standout front grille and larger wheels compared to the Corolla Cross.

which vehicle to get in crossover hybrid segment
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Which Vehicle Is Worth Buying?

Safety features favor the Haval H6, which includes advanced driver assistance systems like Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, and Emergency Braking, while the Corolla Cross offers basic Cruise Control. While it is true that the Corolla Cross features more power, the Haval H6 HEC certainly offers a lot more features in terms of safety and luxury.

However, we feel that the price of the Corolla Cross feels more justified than that of the H6, which is currently much higher than the Corolla Cross.

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