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Our Pakistani superstars are really talented. No, we aren’t just talking about their acting skills but also their sense of humor. Speaking of which, it’s safe to say that Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed are two that have been ruling hearts for quite some time now.

They’ve been in the industry for far too long and with their prolific acting skills, good looks, and sense of humor, have amazed their fans all across the globe!

Just recently, Adnan Siddiqui was seen having a meal at a local hotel in Lala Musa, the city of Punjab and posed a short video clip on his Instagram account.

Check out the video!

In the video, Adnan Siddiqui goes on to mention that he’ll be eating all of the food that’s there on the table. Yes, the food sure looked tempting and we wonder whether he ate it all or not. However, Humayun Saeed, commented on his video saying,

Abay chal jhootay… 2 niwalay se zyada khata nahin tu …hamain dikhao…takay hum khayen aur motay ho jayen …lol

Here’s the comment!



From commenting on Mere Paas Tum Ho’s memes and tweet, here they are again, commenting on each other’s videos. The bond and chemistry that they share is absolutely adorable!UH

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