humaima malick mcdonald's
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A famous fast-food chain is being accused of terrible things by the one and only Humaima Malick. Who stands a chance here?

Humaima Malick Has Spoken Out

It seems as if Malick had planned a girl’s night in with her nieces, which obviously includes meals from her favorite fast-food chain!. However, that plan turned sour for Malick and their nieces when the food they received has put them down for up to 2 days.

humaima malick mcdonald's
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It appears to be a classic case of food poisoning for Humaima Malick and her nieces. They are currently suffering from terrible stomach aches and vomiting.

Instagram Is The Tell All

The famed actress took to social media to express her grievances with “Uncle Donald.” As we have asserted before, if you need to make sure your voice is heard, take social media. Having the following that Malick gives one a greater incentive to post publicly so that justice can be witnessed.

Malick made a story in which she shared her bad experience 

humaima malick mcdonald's
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As can be seen, Malick had her own theories as to how she has fallen sick after eating food from ‘uncle Donald’. It’s because, according to her, they are serving “old and bad” food. And that’s not all! This is the third time that Humaima Malick has experienced this at the international chain. The third time clearly isn’t the charm!

Food Authorities, MNCs and Food Standards

The situation begs the question: why did Malick go there the third time after having suffered the first two? There are way too many alternate options now. Hundreds of people have food from the famous place daily, and chances are many who had it on the same day as Malick did not fall sick. 

Different people have different metabolisms that react differently to food. If something is not suiting someone, in particular, the best bet is to go for the alternative! Alas, this does not get the famous eatery off the hook. 

If you follow social media, you will find a plethora of conspiracy theories over what this fast-food actually serves to us. But if any action can be taken, it can be individual— you can step away and persuade others to do the same because they will not stop serving.

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