Pakistan’s premier television network HUM Network announced the launch of HUM News on the 14th of August at the 70th Independence Day celebrations in Karachi.

The decision to launch a new channel was made by the company’s Board of Directors who approved the launch of HUM News to utilize the available opportunities in the news genre.

Speaking on the occasion, Sultana Siddiqui President HUM Network said,

“Like Pakistan, HUM Network was an idea to create a space where our distinct identity could be recognized and promoted. The success of HUM Network is a validation of the fact that through hard work and dedication we can create a brand from Pakistan that is loved and cherished by Pakistanis and millions of other all over the world.”

She further added,

“Today the burden of success is upon us at HUM Network, to contribute positively in other genres of electronic media. We are a nation that is only looked through a security lens and not for the loving, hospitable and diverse nation we are.”

“There has never been a greater need for a progressive image of Pakistan and today, we take the opportunity of the momentous occasion of Pakistan’s 70th anniversary by announcing our most ambitious project yet, HUM News.”

Duraid Qureshi, CEO HUM Network said, “The success of HUM Network is an indicator that working with your values and ethics makes you a winner in the long term. Hence with the confidence of our shareholders and the backing from our team, we embark on another ambitious project today. If ever the world cried out for the length of view and breadth of perspective, surely it is now.  Today more than ever we need to bring our issues and concerns into the arena of constructive discussion and debate.  Our network has to play a role of inculcating our values in the news media. We owe it our nation and we owe it to our youth.”

The idea behind Hum News is to reduce the noise, it carries the responsibility of creating social impact for our community, for our youth and for our future. The driving motto behind every project at HUM Network is ‘think positive and think collective’ and HUM News will be no different.

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