huawei ai

With the advent of the all-scenario intelligence era, consumers are increasingly looking forward to revolutionary experiences.

To support the hyper connected 5G period, Huawei remains committed to the all-scenario smart ecosystem strategy.

Huawei will spare no effort to drive pervasive connectivity to individuals, offices, and homes, and create a world-leading all-scenario smart living experience that is unlike anything that has come before, bringing you seamless AI life.

In the next 10 years, the most exciting change in the consumer sector is the Internet of Everything (IoE). Natural interaction and artificial intelligence (AI) shall redefine the consumer experience.

Huawei believes that AI is the main accelerator for building a fully connected & intelligent world. The development of AI technology has now reached a new era to create a seamless AI life.

Therefore, it is poised to bring smart devices and IoT accessories to Pakistan for its consumers, going a step further into enabling a smart lifestyle.

Currently, Huawei All-scenario Smart Solution mainly supports Smart Home, Mobile Office, Smart Travel and Smart Sports & Health. Thanks to Huawei’s HiAssistant, Huawei’s mobile phones feature such functions as AI noise reduction, wakeup-free and hands-free. HiShare + HiLink make double-screen synchronization possible, while AI chip + smart platform enable smart travel by sensing the users’ demands.

Connecting home appliances to HiLink ecosystem, users can control all these appliances in real-time via three-layered enablement for connection, interaction and knowledge on the basis of three suites for IoT terminals.

In-office environment, HiAssistant enables voice- and gesture-based natural interaction, and supports cloud-computer office by cross-device information sharing via HiShare.

Supported by Huawei Sports & Health APP, mobile terminals can monitor and analyze the all-scenario sports and health data all day round, and give professional suggestions on sports, sleep, pressure and fat loss.

Huawei is known for its leading ICT solutions and innovative smartphones. In the hyperconnected world, consumers demand is no longer just one or several smart devices, but a new smart lifestyle, covering all-scenario including individuals, offices, and homes, etc.

With heavy R&D investments in 5G, AI, Cloud, etc., the company is aiming to build an ecosystem that should deliver “a seamless AI life and intelligent experience across every consumer scenario”.

At the HUAWEI HiLink Eco-Connect, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG, announced that Huawei will upgrade its IoT eco-solution to an All-scenario Smart Solution in full scale and create a diverse smart home ecosystem based on two open platforms of HiAI and HiLink and three-layered structural products.

Then, Huawei again gave its insight into the All-scenario Smart Solution and shared its strategic idea of “Building An Intelligent IoE World” at Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2019.

With endeavors to optimize its all-scenario terminals, Huawei is committed to creating new interactive interfaces to deliver the ultimate experience that offering accurate and convenient tailored services. Huawei’s goal is to create an all-scenario intelligent lifestyle for consumers based on AI technology and to create an intelligent industry ecosystem based on an open platform.