huawei ban

US companies that were restricted to conduct any form of business with Chinese leading technology brand Huawei can now resume all operations.

The Trump Association has now called off the Huawei Ban in the US as they have declared the company is no longer a threat to the US national security.

“U.S. companies can sell their equipment to Huawei,” Trump shared. “We’re talking about equipment where there’s no great national security problem with it,” he continued.

Huawei can now once again acquire components and Qualcomm processors and Google’s Android OS as well.

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“I said that’s O.K., that we will keep selling that product, these are American companies that make these products. That’s very complex, by the way. I’ve agreed to allow them to continue to sell that product so that American companies will continue,” Trump said, as per Bloomberg.

For now, Huawei is still on the “Entity List” of companies that the U.S. Department of Commerce bars from dealing with American entities. A formal decision is yet to be made as US-China discussions continue.

“Huawei is very much in play in terms of our country and in terms of intelligence and the intelligence community — we know a lot about Huawei — but I don’t want to mention that right now. I just think it’s inappropriate. We’re not making it other than what I told you… We’re going to save that for later.”

“We had a very good meeting with President Xi of China, excellent, I would say excellent, as good as it was going to be,” Trump said, according to the BBC. “We discussed a lot of things and we’re right back on track and we’ll see what happens.”

For owners of Huawei devices, the news should come as a relief.

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