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Punjab Police has created a new app dedicated to the safety of women in Pakistan. The app comes with a host of controls and ways to ensure women are protected and that police is well within their reach. Here’s all you need to know about the app.

The Women’s Safety App

The app has been created according to Chief Minister Buzdar’s vision. The idea was to create an app for women’s safety which is easy to use yet can also help them in dire situations. The purpose of the app is that wherever women are, if they feel unsafe, they can get help from this app immediately. To help women immediately is the priority of the punjab police and it also appears they have dedicated themselves to it.

How To Use The App

When you download the app, it will first ask you to feed in your phone number. Once your phone number is added, you will receive a 5 digit private code. Feed the code back in the app and you’ll begin the registration process.

Now the bio-data menu will pop up in which you will feed all your private information. It is important to note that all the details must be correct and are provided. This is because many features can also alert your family members in addition to police. Once your bio-data is completely filled, the apps controls will become available to you.

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What Can The App Do?

The first control you will see when the app opens up will be the big “ALERT” button. This button is meant to use in threatening and chaotic situations. By tapping on alert, the police and your family members will be immediately alerted. This way they can reach your location to your safety.

Another control is tat a single click can put you through to emergency 15 helpline. On the other end of the app, there is the Punjab Police’s whole call centre which will immediately attend your call and come to rescue or protect you. Besides calling the helpline, there are also options to call police, call highway petrol, call rescue are available etc.

You Can Help Other Women Through It

Moreover, you can also give review of places you have been to on the app so other women can benefit form that. The places with bad security or danger can be highlighted and women can avoid that. Women also have the option of talking to help on the app too.

In short, this app is an incredible initiative to ensure women’s protection in Punjab.

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