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In a recent announcement, the State Bank of Pakistan has unveiled a guide to address the questions surrounding the authenticity of the new 75 Rupee notes. The State Bank issued these new commemorative notes in celebration of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day. However, a wave of confusion has swept across the country regarding whether the green or blue 75 Rupee notes are genuine or counterfeit.

A Second Commemorative Note: The Blue 75 Rupee Note

To put all doubts to rest, the State Bank of Pakistan took to social media to share clear images of both the green and blue 75 Rupee notes, accompanied by an unequivocal statement confirming their legal status. These commemorative notes, designed in vibrant shades of green and blue, are authentic and can be used for transactions across Pakistan.

On the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence, the State Bank released a distinctive green 75 Rupee note as a symbol of national pride and unity. However, as Pakistan marked 75 years since its founding, the government decided to issue another commemorative note, this time in a striking shade of blue, to celebrate this milestone. The design of the blue note is distinct from the green one, creating some initial confusion among the public.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

To address this confusion and ensure that both the green and blue 75 Rupee notes are recognized as legal tender, the State Bank issued a detailed guide. The guide includes images of both notes and information about their security features, making it easier for citizens and businesses to verify their authenticity.

State Bank of Pakistan
Source: SBOP

The State Bank’s message on social media assures the public that these 75 Rupee notes are entirely legitimate and can be used for all financial transactions within Pakistan. This clarity should help put to rest any concerns about the authenticity of the new notes and ensure a smooth transition into everyday use.

The State Bank of Pakistan has affirmed that both the green and blue 75 Rupee notes are genuine and legally accepted forms of currency throughout Pakistan. These commemorative notes, released in honor of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day, symbolize the nation’s progress and unity. The State Bank’s efforts to provide clear information and images of the notes on social media will aid in avoiding any misconceptions or doubts about their validity, ultimately making them easily accessible for all Pakistanis in their daily financial transactions.

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