Prisma Watermark Lead

The Prisma fever is still at peak! From Lollywood celebs to B-Town stars and Hollywood legends, everyone is just obsessed with the app. However, there are some who are annoyed with the pesky Prisma watermark. Want to know how to remove it?

Find a step by step guide below as to how you can remove the Prisma logo from those artsy pictures:

Prisma watermark

Step 1: Open the application

Step 2: Select the ‘Settings’ icon

Step 2_open Settings

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Step 3: Tap on ‘Add watermark’ option to switch it off. You can also toggle the ‘Save artworks automatically’ button the same way.


Step 4 _Turn it Off


Step 4: Use the back arrow to return to the application

Step 4 _Turn it Off

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Step 5: Take the picture, and then add your desired filter to save.

Step 5_Take Pic

Step 6_Add Filter

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