Jeeto Pakistan
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Jeeto Pakistan is a TV show that on airs on TV during the month of Ramadan where thousands of people sit in the audience while Fahad Mustafa hosts the show. The games ordeal works in a manner that the host indulges the audience in activities and gifts the winner with products of brands.

Given the circumstances, due to the coronavirus, it is impossible to bring together 1000’s of people under one roof. One must not stop the show though!

Since the outbreak, we have found ways to go about our lives with the help of technology and the makers of Jeeto Pakistan seem to have a plan.

Watch for yourself!

The Rules Have Changed!

This Ramzan we bring you #JeetoPakistanLeague! 5 teams, 5 celebrity captains & all of you can be a part of the game show sitting at home. There will be no audiences because we believe safety comes first! Can you guess the 5 cities & their celebrity captains? 

How to Participate

The 5 captains represent 5 cities. The outline of the game show is such as a cricket match. The captains will be celebrities whose names have not yet been disclosed by the representative channel. However, we are excited about how this will turn out to be.

Players under captains from representative cities will participate by playing games maintaining social distance and on phone calls.

Jeeto Pakistan has become an essential part of Pakistan’s TV during the month of Ramadan. It is overwhelming to witness the industry revising their pattern to keep the show going.

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