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It is the beginning of July, and the temperature in Pakistan has been rising significantly. While summers here give us delicious mangoes, it also gives us an immense amount of humidity.

During June and July, the temperature rises to 45 degrees. It is unbearable to sit under the fan for more than an hour during the daytime. You have likely been using the Air Conditioner often during these months for over the past years to get through summers in the region.

Pakistan is still considered an underdeveloped world, and many can’t afford an Air Conditioner or pay electricity bills. People who do not have Air conditioner back home go through the trouble, especially, during these two months when the temperatures are soaring high.

In this article, we will reveal a step to step guide on how you can make portable air conditioners at home conveniently while also staying in budget.

The tools and things that you require are:

1. Plastic Jar big enough to hold enough ice for one-time use. DC Motor
3. Battery
4. Little Fan, preferably of the size of the jar’s lid
5. A Plastic Bottle (Bottle mouth, you’ll only need the top)
6. A Sharp Cutter
7. A Glue Gun
8. Hot Soldering Iron (Please note that this item can be borrowed from a mechanic)

Step 1: Make tiny holes on the cap of the bottle jar with the help of the Hot Soldering Iron. Make sure to do the job as neatly as possible.

Step 2: Use a permanent marker to draw a hole on the jar keeping the head of the bottle.

Step 3: Once the desired shape is achieved, make another hole. This time a substantially bigger size hole. Refer to the picture below to get a better idea.

Step 4: Use a glue gun to attach the mouth of the bottle to the designated area on the jar

Step 5: Use some more glue gun and attach the DC motor in the middle of the jar cap (outside). See the picture attached below for reference

Step 6: Use a glue gun to attach the battery outside the jar carefully

Step 7: Attach the fan with the DC motor on the cap of the Jar

Step 8: Your DIY Air conditioner is almost ready.

Step 9: Get some ice cubes and fill it in the jar. You will need to add more ice to the spot every time it melts down.

Step 10: Connect the DC Motor with the battery now and enjoy your very own portable Air conditioner

Enjoy your mini air conditioner this summer made by you!

Image Source/ Instructable

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Please note that this device must be used with caution because it is not the safest. Keep out of reach of children. Try to keep the jar dry and not touch the wires with wet hands.

Add ice when melted. Will you try this out at home? Let us know in the comment section below.

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