Controversial Marketing
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These days we have witnessed quite some brands falling prey to controversial marketing, which backfires. With social media, these issues pick up hype and the backlash escalates. So the best way to keep your brand safe and avoid controversial marketing is to follow this handful of rules. It would be the first step towards brand safety. Of course, consistency is critical.

The Text

This is IMPORTANT. It is a critical tool to get your message across. ‘Words’ can make or break the brand. Knowing what to say about your brand and keeping the audience interested in the magic duo of advertising. But aside from that, you have to ensure that the advertising stays true to the brand because consumers choose you for what sets you apart.

The Imagery

This is as important as your words because even before your audience reads the words, they see the visuals. From pictures to fonts to colors, the consumers’ subconscious notices everything. And the most crucial point to note is, DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS! Cover all your bases, consider everyone’s perspective, pay attention to teamwork, because you never know who your advertising could be hurting, who is getting offended. When several people get together, it is easier to see your message from all angles.

controversial marketing
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Could my message be misconstrued?

Sometimes, advertising messages can be misinterpreted. So you have to make sure that all your words have a consistent voice. And that it has no room for misinterpretation. Anywhere you find even a doubt, do it all again. Better safe than sorry. I say this because as it happens, brands do not set out for their campaigns to be misconstrued, but they get labeled in such a way due to the carelessness of the brand and its marketing team. Although, of course, if the point is for your message to be misconstrued, then go right ahead.

Back Claims With Credible Data

Making claims that cannot be verified is like digging your own grave. If your target audience loses trust in you, it’s a long way to gain their confidence back. Especially since the audience is already skeptical of the advertising today, therefore, any stats you mention, CITE them. Also, whoever you are citing, confirm their authenticity as well. This will tell your audience; you cover your bases. Opinions and feedback of your customers are also reliable for the potential audience.

controversial marketing
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Stay Respectful

Finally, be always respectful in every interaction with a consumer. Often, users want to react to the brand if they misconstrue a message or if the message was negative. Some times slip-ups do happen by the best of us. And thus, the best way to tackle the issue is to respond with kindness, concern, and honesty. Acknowledging your mistake goes a long way.

These are some essential points that you should always be careful of. Of course, there is much more that you have to keep in check to save your brand from unwanted controversies. So you should practice, in Professor Moody’s words, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

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