car braking being done using abs and without
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An emergency can occur at any time during driving, be it a seasoned driver or a beginner. It can happen to anyone and it can be quite dire if one does not keep their composure during it. The first thing to remember is to not panic in an emergency situation because split second decisions can make or break the scenario. That said, what happens if your car does not have ABS to assist you with braking? The ABS or, Anti-lock braking system, is a piece of technology that lets you bring the car to a stop without losing control.

It lets the driver steer the car while the brake is fully pressed, since the system is doing the braking on its own. In a car with ABS, the car would grip and release the wheel to brake automatically, to let the driver have control. However, in a vehicle without ABS, pressing the brake continuously while make the wheels lock and take control away from the driver.

car braking and how to brake without ABS
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Braking In An Older Car

Imagine that you are driving a car that does not have the ABS feature in it. If, for any reason, your car starts to move out of control or you have to suddenly brake, what will you do? If you just jam the brake and keep pressing it, the wheels will lock and you will not be able to control the car or steer it. Thus, it is important to remember to lift the foot of the brake.

A practice that is often referred to as ‘pumping the brake’ is something that will be useful to you in such a situation. When you lift your foot off the brake, you give yourself control and room to steer, after which you can press the brake down again. You’d be doing exactly what the ABS does automatically, except you are doing it manually.

Last Minute Decisions

The thought of pumping the brake does not immediately occur to a person in such a scenario. However, make the habit of pumping the brake even when you are braking regularly. This way, you would instinctively pump the brake when an emergency arises.

This habit can also save your life in case your car has ABS but it fails to deploy. Always remember to wear your seatbelt, keep your mirrors aligned with your vision and drive safely on the road.

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