Disinfect Your room
Image Source: Smarter Travel

Water and soap combined are eco-friendly; together, it does a great job of cleaning your room. A bucket full of hot water and soap combined can be used to clean off surfaces but let me remind you, we aren’t dealing with common bacteria anymore, are we now?

So what must be done to disinfect your room?

With coronavirus spreading like wildfire across the globe, you must disinfect your room at least thrice a week. Around 246,777 have been affected by the virus while 10,063 have died around the world as of today (20th March)

What is the difference between disinfecting your room and cleaning your room?

Please note that cleaning your room is not the same as disinfecting your room. The former means you’re removing germs, but not killing, while the latter means you’re killing them.

This distinction is important because you might clean surfaces effectively, but you do not disinfect them, leaving dangerous germs and bacteria to grow and fester.

What are some of the active agents to disinfect your room?

You can choose natural ingredients such as tea tree oil or vinegar to clean surfaces in your room. Add a little amount of either of the two and wipe off all the high touch surfaces in your room.

More aggressive cleaning agents could be hydrogen peroxide. You do not require to mix it with water. Just use a minimal amount of the product as it is. Unlike vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide does not have an odor.

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