How To Celebrate This Eid-ul-Adha In A Healthy Way

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This Eid-ul-Adha will have a lot at stake. This coming week and the next one might be the time-frame in which we either control coronavirus for good in Pakistan or experience a second wave. If you’re anxious about how to spend this Eid safely, then use this as your guide.

1. Say No To Qurbani At Home

Even when a pandemic was something we had not experienced, many diseases were caused by animal markets. The insane amount of animals all kept under one roof, with thousands of people going in and out, can make for a breeding spot for a host of diseases. Animal markets need to be majorly avoided.

Yes, it is farz to do qurbani but not for the sake of your health. Many online platforms are offering contact-free services, opt for them!

2. Keep Gathering (if any) Outside

Intimate gatherings can not be put a stop to no matter how much one is advised. Just getting together with a couple of family members is alright if you know they have been careful as well. However, the best way to do that this Eid-ul-Adha is by keeping those gatherings outside. This sweltering heat is not too practical for this, but a few fans outside can make it bearable.

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Keeping it outside will ensure everyone can be at a safe distance and that your house isn’t contaminated. 

3. Keep Charity Distribution Risk-free

Charity distribution constitutes a considerable part of eid-ul-Adha. If you’ve gone out on Eid days, you’ll remember seeing 10s of people lining up outside houses or people even opening their gates to distribute food. But, alas, this Eid, we can not afford the privilege of coming into such close contact when and if we distribute charity. 

eid-ul-adha social distancing
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What you can do instead is pack the food in small packets and take them to underprivileged areas. From within your car, you can distribute the packets evenly. Moreover, you could always go on a drive and keep distributing as you see the deserving people.

4. Shop Online And Only Online

It can be tempting to go to stores to select your favorite outfits for Eid. It’s an undeniable fact that the stock in stores is just better and fresher. Even with brands in Pakistan offering fraudulent experiences with online shopping, you can feel wary. However, please, stay at home and shop online.

Look for trustworthy brands. Brands also understand nowadays that most people are shopping online, so the stock online is excellent too. You can try to find pictures of others wearing your desired outfit to see how it looks as well. Also, opt for brands that have a refund policy, so you’re not in trouble later. 

Keep in mind that a little caution right now can mean a happy, healthy future together.

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