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If someone is able to obtain their education later than usual, it is also something quite understandable. However, it is always important to strive towards an education, and there are a lot of ways one can get a scholarship. That said, HEC has just announced another scholarship for students here!

According to the details, The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has introduced a scholarship program for postgraduate students, providing an opportunity to pursue studies at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Yes, students done with their bachelors have an opportunity to secure a Masters program scholarship!

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HEC Scholarship For Saudi Arabia

One of the most interesting things about this scholarship is that it is exclusively available for non-Saudi candidates residing in Pakistan who are interested in studying abroad. HEC encourages eligible students in Pakistan to apply for these scholarships, emphasizing that the prestigious King Abdul-Aziz University is facilitating postgraduate studies for qualified candidates.

You might be able to pursue a Masters program in a tech or non-tech field, depending on your interest. There are a few pointers under the eligibility criteria though,

  • Applicant must have a university degree from an accredited institution.
  • All documents must be certified by the Saudi embassy or the place of degree acquisition.
  • Applicant’s rating must be at least “very good.”
  • Age limit for Master’s programs is 30 years, and for PhD programs is 35 years.
  • Submission of two academic recommendations from previous professors is required.
  • General aptitude test requirement for university graduates with a minimum score of 65.
  • English language requirement, unless the applicant holds a qualification from an English-speaking country.
  • Regular residency in the Kingdom is mandatory; job approval stamped by the Chamber of Commerce is required for employment.
  • Health specializations are not accepted.
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Applying For Masters

Other than the above-mentioned, Detailed information about the scholarship program and application procedures can be found on the university’s website,

HEC advises interested students to direct any inquiries related to the scholarship program directly to the respective university, as this can help them speed up the process. We hope that many students are able to qualify for this program and head out to Saudi Arabia for higher education.

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