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It is always a delightful piece of news when the government takes an initiative in providing some educational support to the people of Pakistan. Whether it is the opening of Scholarships or internship opportunities, such initiatives are always welcome. Speaking of internships, The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has announced a summer internship program spanning six weeks from June 24 to August 02, 2024, at SBP Karachi.

Pakistani/AJK nationals possessing a valid CNIC/NICOP/Pakistani passport are encouraged to apply for the Summer Internship Program. Eligibility requires students to have completed at least two years of a Bachelor’s degree program or be currently enrolled in a Master’s program. Thus, students who are actively enrolled in their bachelors third year or higher can apply for this internship. It is quite beneficial to have an internship experience under your belt at this stage in your bachelors.

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State Bank Allowing Internships

There are quite a few disciplines under which, if the students lie, are eligible to apply for this internship. Qualifying disciplines include Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting, Finance, Commerce, Mathematics, Statistics, Human Resources, Agriculture, Media Sciences/Mass Communication, Information Systems, and Technology. We believe that a lot of people are currently studying in the above-mentioned disciplines and would like to apply.

Applicants must maintain a minimum of 70% marks or equivalent GPA where applicable at the time of application. This can mean a GPA of 2.8 or higher. Incomplete applications lacking essential information will not be considered for shortlisting, so make sure to fill it out entirely. Applications must be submitted online; in-person, mail, or email submissions will not be accepted.

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How To Apply To Internship

The deadline for online applications is February 15, 2024, and shortlisted candidates will be contacted by March 15, 2024, requiring submission of necessary documents for verification. After that, selected interns will receive confirmation emails detailing the internship modalities. However, they will not be reimbursed for travel expenses or provided with accommodation during the internship in Karachi. Thus, there is a cost that the students themselves will have to cover.

You can apply for the internship here.

Additionally, technical issues during the application process can be reported via email to

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