The worst part of being a college graduate is to search for employment opportunities. With the increasing use of the internet for every small everyday task, which includes online shopping for food, books, and even cars, the internet is the best place to look for jobs if you are a recent graduate or are looking for work to earn a quick buck.

The wait for an ideal job is usually a painstakingly painful experience. However, the best way for you to find a job online is to make your own profile on leading job portals and search for the right job according to your credentials.

Rozee.Pk, BrightSpyre, Mustakbil, and Bayrozgar are leading job portals that help you take your next step in the right direction for you to start off your career.

Here is how you can apply for jobs on these websites:


  • Create an account, with your personal details, academic qualifications, professional experience, and current job status.
  • Upload your CV.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Search for the job that you desire, and the city where you wish to work.
  • Or search for a job according to the category of your choosing (such as Accounting, Engineering, and/or Content Writing)
  • Once you find the job of your choice, click on “Apply Now”.
  • Choose your current and expected salary, and paste in your cover letter.
  • Once done, click “Apply” and you are good to go.

Once applied, you can check the status of the jobs you have applied for by going to your Profile, and heading to the “My Applications” section.



  • Sign up for a new account, and add in all your personal details, academic qualifications, and professional experience.
  • After completing step 1, search for the job you want.
  • Once you find the desired job, click on “Apply Online” and add in your current and expected salaries.
  • Once done, click on “Apply”

To check the status of your application, go to Application History.



  • Create your profile on Bayrozgar, with your personal details, academic qualifications, and professional experience.
  • Upload your CV and click on “Register”
  • Once done, click on Find Job and search for the kind of job you desire.
  • Once found, click on “Apply now”, select your CV and click on “Apply”.



  • Create your profile, and create your resume.
  • Once done, click on Search Jobs.
  • When you find the job of your choice, click on “Apply Now”
  • Fill out the subsequent form and click on Apply.

If you do not find the job that you are looking for, and you don’t hear back from the places you do apply to, do not lose hope. Remember, great things come to those who wait!