Tesla vehicle driving sentry
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Terminator is one of the most defining movies of the previous century. Its idea and core plot are so engaging that it’s still used as a reference today. When Arnold was sent back to eliminate Sarah Connor, no one would have expected the ‘I’ll be back’ line to be so famous. If we observe the future version of humanity in that film, we see robots taking over the world.

Various kinds of machines are operating against humans. Some of these are straight-up Front-line attackers whereas some are mounted sentries. Sentries keep an eye on everything to make sure Skynet doesn’t fall. In reference to the 21st century now, digital sentries are a thing. The difference is that they are not out to eradicate us, yet! So, why don’t we see how Tesla’s Sentry Mode works?

Tesla's Sentry drone
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Tesla In The 21st Century

Tesla is one of the leading names in the automobile industry. The Model S is the baseband version of the vehicles, and it alone deserves recognition too. Tesla works in electrical technology, integrating that into cars. This means that, for Tesla cars, Gasoline is now a thing of the past. The world is moving towards renewable, and thus, the automobile industry is doing so too. So what about Tesla’s features?

One that we are going to be exploring here is the sentry mode. This allows a Tesla vehicle to monitor its surroundings with a watchful eye of a camera. When this mode is active, the cameras on the car are continuously monitoring and recording. There was even a recent incident which occurred involving the sentry mode,

Sentries Are Real

No, we are not referring to the Skynet sentries, rather the Tesla one! Recently, an owner of a Tesla vehicle parked their car in a secure enclosure. It was allegedly secure until the sentry mode picked up an unsavory character. This person was moving swiftly between cars, occasionally peering inside. With such bad acting, this seemed like none other than a car thief! Is that not such a secure feature to have in a vehicle?

Car thieves Tesla
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This not only guarantees a watchful eye over your car but recording too. This, in turn, requires that the owner have ample SSD storage for Tesla’s Sentry Mode. If there is an act of vehicle theft at work, and there is no recording, the perpetrator will never be caught.

Tesla vehicles with sentry mode
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The Age Of Security

This is just another example of how swiftly we’re progressing in terms of security. You no longer need the camera in an environment or an alarm for car safety. Now the car itself has a mode that provides 24/7 surveillance when active. Tesla is a company that certainly holds up to its reputation.

Let’s see how many other vehicles will incorporate this technology. For now, if you’re a Tesla owner, make sure you have ample storage for sentry mode! Imagine every car having a sentry mode, and you could see nothing but car thieves running about.

A round of applause to the company for this technological development.

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